State of California Employment Development Department
Riverside California

The regularly occupied spaces in this building do not require any artificial light, during business hours. The building was designed to capture indirect sunlight, with daylight and sidelight glazing, and evenly distribute this soft light to the interior spaces, with light shelves, angled walls, and angled ceilings. Glazing and building forms were coordinated to minimize “direct” sunlight (heat gain) from entering the building.

Energy Use was substantially lowered with the help of a direct digital control energy management system and by the passive architectural techniques described above.

All building occupants (100%) are provided with a connection to the outdoors through direct views or though vision glazing. Landscaped areas were located in direct site lines of the views.

The total construction cost was approximately 1% less than the State of California’s original budget.

Aviation Readiness Center DEMA – Arizona Army National Guard
Phoenix Arizona

Shading structures, and earth berms, help reduce energy use for this economical, 14,000 square foot building.  Light shelves distribute indirect day lighting to the interior part of the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting. All office occupants are provided with a connection to the outdoors through direct views.  The interior assembly and training areas are naturally lit with indirect day lighting from high clearstory windows.